Meet the team


Guido – Twenty five plus years of management experience in the IT, Music and Entertainment industry are the fundament for his view on how to create business out of emerging data services, art and customer behaviour.

Brigitte – A communications strategist with expertise in creating and driving strategies to support business goals, enhance corporate values and deliver the unexpected. Her solid experience includes change and project management.

Karin – A multimedia-designer since the late 80s and a web-pioneer from 1993 on, she continues to be a wizard of pixels, vectors and tags. On top: 15 years in print production. The visual powerhouse of our team.

Patrick – An experienced and assertive attorney-at-law specialized in the muddy waters of the Internet and thus the ever-changing realms of the consequent legal questions, he is an essential addition to our team.

Christiane – A coding specialist in all of todays relevant programming lingos and a dedicated enabler of open source solutions for means of next level "n:n" communication.