What we do


What we do ...

  • Introduce multidimensional interaction
  • Raise awareness
  • Improve corporate image
  • Ensure inclusion

We connect your customers with your values

... how we do it ...

  • Involve your customers in your product development
  • Have your strategy driven by your end user
  • Provide the missing link between your brand and your customers’ emotions

Our triangle of development INDUSTRY – ART – END USER is your “customer sound-check”.

... through ...

  • Up to date and widely implemented open source tools
  • Assuring our clients are not trapped in dead end proprietary solutions

A complete set of business services, e.g. Marketing, Legal, Business Development, Graphic Design, IT Interactive, Event Management, Artist Representation

... Independently

Our cost efficient approach overrides back-door implementations by third parties. Nonsuch Consultants believe in independence by all means.

By avoiding debt capital as well as industry owned data service suppliers we can assure high standards of governance.